Principal’s Message

Dear all,

Welcome to T.M.G. College portal.

Thunchan Memorial Government College holds a unique position of pride in the education history of the district of Malappuram and is known for providing quality education both in pure science, social science and languages. This historic institution, established in memory of the father of Malayalam language, tried its best to combine academic excellence with value based education and facilitated a conducive environment for overall development of students. The faculties are very much involved in grooming our students with a clear vision for the future and supporting their quest of knowledge with a mission is to empower the students and mould them fit to contribute meaningfully for the Nation building process and to remain committed towards the betterment of the society.

To keep pace with latest developments and innovations and to make the student fit for the job market, the college is offering a number of skill acquisition courses with the support of Continuing Education Cell and ASAP, a venture of Govt. of kerala. The college has created a secured, congenial and serene environment for students to make it their coveted educational destination and the college is in the process of further development.

I wish all the students an enriching, rejuvenating and rewarding experience while carrying out their academic activities to make their dreams into reality. All are welcome to visit the portal of this institution. Our sprawling campus welcomes the parents, alumnus and the society to feel the vibrancy of this college and enjoy the natural habitat surrounding it.

I welcome all the students to the portals of this educational institution and wish them a memorable and meaningful academic life in the campus and urge upon them to prove as good human beings and worthy citizens of this great country, India. I also welcome parents of our students, the alumni /alumnus, and the neighboring society and every one visiting this institution to go around the beautiful and sprawling campus located near the kootayi Azhimugam , the longest river of kerala merges with the Arabian Sea. Wishing students good future and best time

Thank you...

Vijayakumar. N.P.