National Service Scheme(NSS)

The National Service Scheme (NSS) is a public service program conducted by the Department of Youth Affairs and Sports of the Government of India. Popularly known as NSS, the scheme was launched in Gandhiji's Centenary year, 1969. Aimed at developing student's personality through community service, NSS is a voluntary association of young people in Colleges.

In our College NSS was started in the beginning of the College. NSS College unit conducted a number of activities in every year. Some of the activities of NSS are listed below

Activities of 2014-15

1. World environment day was observed on 05-06-2014.
2. On 15th August Independence Day was celebrated. As a part of the celebrations volunteers cleaned the campus.
3. On 29-08-2014 conducted competitions on Pookkalam, Music Chair, Lemon spoon and vadam vali in connection with the Onam celebration. More over a competition in Kerala dressing was performed.
4. On 19-09-14 distributed the prizes for winners of the various competitions of Onam celebration. The first prize of Pookkalam was bagged by the Department of Arabic (Rs.3000/-) while the second prize was gone to the Department of Physics (Rs.1500/). The Prizes were sponsored by the Unit of Kerala Industrial department of Tirur Taluk. Prof. K Veeravunni (Principal) inaugurated the function. Mr. Meharsha, Member of Vettom Grama Panchayath distributed the Prizes.
5. On 14- 10- 2014 a class was organized on Body mass index and Blood donation. The lecture was delivered by Dr. Faizal, CHC Vettom, and the principal inaugurated the function. Around 140 students participated in the programme.
6. 106 students were newly enrolled into the NSS units on 15- 10- 2014.
7. On 24-10-2014 an orientation class was organized for newly enrolled volunteers, which was delivered by Lukman, HSST Alathiyoor. The class was focused on personality development and social service. Prof. Sarama C. Samuel (principal) inaugurated the function. Prof Viju Nayarangadi, HOD Malayalam addressed the volunteers.
8. A class on ragging and cyber crimes was held on October 2014 according to the direction of Tirur Legal Service society. Adv. Sindhu was the resource person. After the talk, a creative interactive session with students was followed.
9. On 10-11-2014 Campus cleaning was done. 160 students were participated in the programme. Prof. Abdul shukoor, Department of Physical Education, inaugurated the cleaning works.
10. On November 22 an awareness programme on blood donation was conducted. Dr. Ashrafali, District Hospital,Tirur led the class.
11. On 25-11-2014 a blood donation camp was organized in association with Blood Bank of District Hospital, Tirur and HDFC Bank Tirur. Dr. Ashrafali R.M.O, District Hospital, led the camp. Volunteers actively participated and 43 of them donated their blood.
12. On 1-12-2014 an awareness class was organized on World AIDS Day. The class was held by Mr. Faslurahman, 'Karunya' Pain and palliative Tirur.
13. An awareness programme was conducted on 3rd January 2015 in order to motivate the students towards ASAP vacation classes.
14. As a part of social work, a special camp was conducted at Vidya Nagar Madrassa for helping the natives of Vettom Grama Panchayath for filling the application form for obtaining new ration card on 12th and 13th January-2015, and around 60 students actively participated in the camp.
15. The NSS units involved in the palliative day rally organized by 'Karunya' Palliative unit Tirur on 15th January 2015 and made it impressive.
16. The NSS Volunteers participated in awareness programme about leprosy control held at Tirur town by District Leprosy control Unit on 12-02-2015.
17. On 26th February 2015 conducted an orientation class for 1st year NSS volunteers. Orientation programme was led by famous resource person Dr Ummar Farook, Registrar, Malayalam University.
18. On 9th March 2015 the NSS volunteers assisted the street play team to conduct a play making awareness among students against human trafficking. The street play was led by Prof. Gouri, Manjeri.
19. Distribution of NSS certificate for senior volunteers was held on 11th March 2015. College Principal Prof. Sarama C. Samuel inaugurated the function.
20. On 02-04-2015 NSS units conducted a study tour to Malampuza. Volunteers spent their full day pleasure fully in the lap of nature.


NSS Unit Nos. 81 and 113 of TM Government College, Tirur planned to conduct seven days special camp at AMLP School, Vakkad west, a coastal location in Vettom Gramma Panchayath from 20-12-2014 to 26-12-2014. The aim of the camp declared as:

1) Construction of a home in the same area.
2) Health awareness Program in the adopted Village


The camp started on 20-12-2014 with NSS song. The volunteers were directed to register their names and a list of special camp volunteers was prepared. The volunteers were given instructions regarding the camp and the disciplines they have to maintain throughout the days. Then volunteers were delegated for the arrangement of the camp.


1) Health awareness Program: As per the survey result of NSS volunteers conducted to understand the social, economic, health and educational status of the location, NSS Camp scheduled the awareness program with the help of Vettom Health Centre.
The campaign organized perfectly and prepared a notice to distribute among all the houses with effective instructions of selected NSS volunteers. The volunteers made a door to door visit to educate them on the high need of neatness of surroundings. Volunteers were grouped and were given instructions and have carried out their objectives successfully.
2) Sramadan: The important work done during the camp was to help needy and orphaned women from the selected village by extending the NSS hands to construct a house. NSS volunteers undertook a task of constructing bathroom outside the house using crushed stones beside the road.
Mr. Meharsha inaugurated the work. Prof. Shukkr, Department of Physical Education, Prof. Nikesh, Prof. Shaini, Prof. Abu Thahir Afsal, Prof. Reena, Hajara and a notable alumni Mohammed Rafi participated in the work.
3) Orientation Classes: Personality development classes, Orientation on skill development, Yoga class, Health awareness class, Disaster management classes, and other classes of Program officers have done in connection with this camp.
The Camp wakes up with a Yoga class given by Prof. Moideen kutty Kanniyath, A Trainer of Yoga class. On the same day Sri.P Vijayan explained the details of Health awareness Program and the impact of awareness in the society.
On 21st December Sunday a very useful class was held on “Personality development of Students by Sri T Mujeeb Rahman.
A noted personality in the field of training, Dr Zubair Hudavi delivered a talk on “Who am I? Who are around me?”. Students Interacted with resource person and they understood their possibilities, qualities and so on.
On 23rd December Tuesday Sri Abul Fasal delivered a class on “Mental health and Palliative care”. NSS Volunteers enjoyed the class and decided to become a social service volunteer in their life.
An orientation on skill development was held by Sri. Mohammed Nizar.K, a noted person of orientation in skills on 24 December Wednesday.
Sri.Manoj Kumar, Principal Aspire College of Arts & Science, discussed with volunteers on ‘diversities in India, different types of celebrations, unity in diversity’.
4) Campus Cleaning: NSS Volunteers cleaned the premises of the Camp with the participation of local people.
5) Releasing of Camp Daily Bulletin : The five volunteer groups released their Newspapers and documentations. All members participated in their respective duties realizing the pulse of the camp and they published their Newspapers with varieties of titles.
6) Cultural program The volunteer groups conducted cultural programs in the evenings. The groups competed with each other to excel in their programs. On 25th December all volunteers celebrated Christmas and the cultural program renamed as ‘Christmas celebration eve’.
7) Camp evaluation Volunteers were divided in to six groups and their duties such as cultural programs, documentation, food and reception etc, were rotated on alternate days. The groups performed their duties well and camp successfully completed. In the end session all volunteers shared their camp experience. Camp ended on 26-12-2014, Friday.

NSS Program Officers:

1. Dr JAFAR SADIK.P.P , Assistant Professor, Department of Arabic
2. Dr JABIR .K.T, Assistant Professor, Department of Arabic


National Cadet Corps (NCC)

The National Cadet Corps (N.C.C) acts as a cohesive force by promoting national integration and oneness in the country. It plays an important role in shaping the character of our youth by instilling in them the values of patriotism, selfless service, unique discipline and commendable hard work.

The N.C.C unit of T.M.G.College commenced in the year 1990.The unit comes under the 29 Kerala N.C.C. Battalion, which is under the supervision of Kozhikode N.C.C Group. At present there is a platoon of 54 cadets with 21 Girls cadets (SW) and 33 Boys Cadets(SD).

The activities of the unit commenced with the Independence Day celebrations. The unit carried out many adventure and social service activities. The regular parades was followed by a social service venture such as planting the trees, cleaning the College compound, Blood donation camp etc,. One of the highlights of the year’s social work is NCC palliative Wing activity and drug free campus programme . The unit carried out the sanitation work, which included the disposal of plastic and other unwanted polluting materials from the hospital premises. An AIDS awareness campaign was carried out by this unit for the coastal people. In addition to attending various training programmes, used to undertake charity programmes, and conduct social and environmental awareness programmes in and around the college.

The Armed Forces Flag Day (7th December) is observed every year to pay our profound homage to the martyrs who had sacrificed their lives for the Nation. Our unit successfully carried out the function of Flag Day Fund collection and contributed a good amount of money to the concerned authority. The amount collected by Hundi boxes and by way of sales of car flag, token flag will be utilized for the financial assistance to Ex-servicemen, widows and their children.

The camps form a very important part of N.C.C. training programme. The camps provide the thrill of outdoor and community living to the cadets. The active participation of our cadets in all camps such as National Integration, Leadership, attachment, Republic Day and Independence Day camps are notable facts.

Aims and Objectives.

1. NCC aims at to develop good qualities like good character discipline, patriotism, secularism, selfless service, courage, comradeship, hard work attitude, sportsman spirit, adventure etc among Indian youth to mould them into useful citizen.
2. It also aims at to create a resource of human youth who are competent to take responsibilities in various walks of life
3. It also aims at to create a pool of human youth to absorb into Indian armed forces like Army, Navy, Air force and other paramilitary forces.

Motto of NCC

Unity and Discipline

Associated NCC Officer.

The ANO of the college is Lieutenant SHUKKOOR ILLATH. He took charge of NCC in the year 2014. He passed the PRCN Course from Officers’ Training Academy , Kamtee,Nagpur with ‘A’ Grade and also got Award from DG NCC for best performance in physical Training.

Special Achievements

In the year 2009-2010, SUO.Abilash.A was selected to attend National Trekking Camp at Gaya,Bihar.Sgt.Niyas andCpl.Arun were selected to 64th Republic day Parade (Rajpath) , Delhi in the year 2012-13.Thay also got chance to attend PM Rally at Delhi.Sgt.Abid KMwas selected for Pre-RDC, Thiruvananthapuram and attended the NCC Calicut group contingent guard of honor.Sgt.Arathi got gold medal in Intergroup firing competition in the year 2013-14.UO .SubishaUK got gold medal Obstacle race while she was attending All India Tal Sainik Camp at Delhi in the year 2015 and she was also the contingent commander of kerala&Lakshdweep Directorate TSC team.L/Cpl MohammedSuhail was selected as the Captain of NCC kerala&Lakshdweep Directorate football team which participate NCC National Games held at New Delhiin the year 2015.