Computer Lab

Our college has well equipped computer laboratory for the students of B.Sc. Physics from 2004. The subsidiary course of B.Sc. Physics is Computer Science in this college. The computer lab has 13 computers with Windows 8 and Ubuntu Operating System. The computer room is spacious and well furnished. It has inverters for electric power back up. The computer lab is also used by students of continuing education sub Centre on Sundays.

College Library

A spacious and well settled library is the real wealth of the institution. The library has enough furniture, fans and ventilation for providing students a peaceful environment for reading. More than 30,000 books are available for various subjects for reference and distribution. Among this around 4,000 books given only for reference. Per day more than 150 student visits library for reference and more than 250 books are issued for the students of various departments. Periodicals, journals and newspapers are available in the library. The Books are kept in closed shelves. New arrivals of periodicals and journals are displayed in the display rack. The total sq. feet area of the library is 1600.


Our college has an internet lab with ten computers working with ubuntu operating system and one computer with windows7 operating system. All teachers and students have access to internet LAN LAB. The lab is provided with BSNL broadband unlimited plan connected with 5Mbps speed. The lab all so has a HP laser jet printer for the use of teachers and students. PTA of this college has appointed a staff to take care of the lab. .

Language Lab

Language lab in TMG is set with an aim to develop and refine the language skills of students. Through the facility students will be able to acquire verbal skills necessary for effective communication in any language. Initially the language lab has function with minimum facilities useful for eleven students at a time. During the according year 2013-2014, the lab is mainly utilized for conducting ASAP classes for the students of the college. Which focuses on improving the communication skills of the learner. Later the lab upgraded and renovated for the usage of at least 30 students by using MLA fund. In 2015 ASAP has come forwarded to furnish the language lab with 35 new computers with windos8 &ubuntu operating system. Wi-Fi connection with 40 meter range has been provided language lab. By this facility uninterrupted internet connection acquired for everybody.

Audio-Visual Library

A full-fledged audio visual library and theatre has been set up by the financial assistance of collegiate education and UGC. The unique collection of CD’s in the library including first world classic movie to the latest movie. A part from this volumes of various audio performance of poetry, folk music, instrumental music, classical arts forms, Hindustani music, Karnatic music, kadhakalipadangal and video performance of kathakali, koodiyattam, thayambaka, chendamelam etc… are keep in the library. The theatre has equipped with two high definition projectors, two high definition handy cams with tripods, sophisticated audio system, electropic podium, high definition amplifier and a 7D camera which have the capacity to shoot a feature film.


The college interested to promote the physical wellness of the students. All possible infrastucture facitilies provided for sports and games. Efforts are on to upgrade the existing facilities and to establish new facilities. Playground with 200m athletic track, football, cricket, kho- kho, vollyboll, kabadi, badminton, ball badminton, tennis, base ball, soft ball, table tennis are available for sports and games. The physical education room has the area of 500 sq.feet. An indoor facility available for ladies fitness and yoga training. It has the area of 850 sq.feet.

Residential Facilities

 1. Principal quarters
 2. Teaching staff quarters
 3. Non-Teaching staff quarters
 4. Ladies hostel

Principal quarters is fully furnished with the three bed room, three teaching staff quarters and four non-teaching staff quarters are well furnished and having 3 bed rooms. Ladies hostel provides accommodation for 30 students with spacious and well furnished room, toilets, drinking water facility, read and research room, well furnished kitchen etc…


A canteen is running in the college in association with Kudumbasree, the self help group in Kerala. The canteen serves quality and tasty foods at reasonable rates.


The College has an auditorium it has 3000 sq. feet area. The student’s cultural programs, general functions, etc… are conducted there.

Seminar Hall

: Seminar hall hosts seminars, workshops, another general meetings. It has 2400 sq. feet area and having 200 seating capacity. The hall is equipped with good sound system, digital podium, LCD projector, green board, interactive white board and laptop. Seminar hall has separate generator for power backup.

Student Amenity Centre

The girl students have a separate rest and recreation room with 65 sq. meter area. Facilities including toilets, drinking water, napkin wending machine, incinerator, 2 single cots are provided here. Ladies fitness centre and office of women cell are also functioning here.

Arab Sat

Arab sat aims to promote the language skill of Arabic students. Arab sat provides the facility to watch the channel programmes of fifteen different Arab countries using one LED display monitor. It also helps the students to listen the native Arab speakers.

Telescope Room

The telescope room under the department of physics has three telescopes, Sky Watcher made 12 inch reflecting telescope with equatorial mount, Sky Watcher made 10 inch reflecting telescope with equatorial mount, Sky Watcher made “SMITH CASSE GRAIN 12inch” reflecting telescope with equatorial mount. These telescopes worth rupees 15 lakh. The physics department conducts sky watching night camps by using these telescopes for the students and local public.

Computer Science Lab

A Computer Science lab functions under the department of Physics as one of the subsidiary course for B.Sc. Physics is Computer Science, with an area of 60 sq. meter. The lab has 13 computers at present. The Computer Science lab is also used by students of continuing education sub Centre on Sundays.

Computer Lab Arabic

A computer lab is functioning under the department of Arabic with 28 sq. meter area. The lab has 10 computers.

Computer Lab Mathematicsh

A computer lab is functioning under the department of Mathematics with 46 sq. meter area. The lab has 8 computers.

Computer Lab Commerce

A computer lab is functioning under the department of Commerce with 28 sq. meter area. The lab has 6 computers

Continuing Education Sub Centre

The Directorate of Continuing Education, Govt. of Kerala granted permission to start a continuing Education Sub centre in our college on February 2013, with registration number CE/A/370/2013 as per order no CE/C/3666/2013 of the Director of the Centre for Continuing Education Kerala Thiruvananthapuram. The college got the approval to start DCA (Diploma in computer applications) course on 01/01/2014. The Sub centre started the D C A course on the 20/09/2014. Seventy six students admitted to the first batch of this course of which 28 SC students, 5 BPL students and 43 general students. Thirty percent of the fee collected is the share for the college to provide the class and laboratory facilities. The classes were conducted in the holidays and in mornings before college hours. 71 students attend the annual exam of the course and all of them have passed. The second batch of DCA started on April 10, 2015. 120 SC students and 10 general students joined for the course. The fee of SC students was paid by the SC department directly to continuing Education sub centre. The college made into an agreement with Kerala state Industrial Development Corporation and with KELTRON to conduct Professional diploma in Civil Engineering, Professional diploma in Computerized instrumentation, Professional diploma in Hardware and networking and Diploma in logistics and retail management on 27/6/14. The admissions to these courses were completed in July 2015. The college gets share of 15% of the fee for providing class rooms and 15% for providing laboratory. The centre has contributed Twenty five thousand rupees to Women's cell of this college to establish and to run sewing classes to women in locality at free of cost as an extension activity. Also the centre has donated Nine thousand rupees to run remedial coaching classes. The centre has established an office room in the campus at a cost of approximately forty thousand rupees.