Career Services

  • Career Guidance and Placement Cell

    • The Career Guidance Cell at Thunchan Memorial Govt. College functions under the direct control and directions of the Principal of the College. A team of Professors nominated by the Principal, works to guide the students on Career opportunities. The objective of the cell is to identify the talents available among the students of this College and nurture and harness them further and offer guidance to choose a bright and right career.

      The activities of the cell include collecting the database of the students and compiling them for use when needed. The cell facilitates the students to improve their skills to face various competitive exams such as civil service exams conducted by UPSC and PSC. The Career Guidance Cell organizes training programmes, seminars and meetings to encourage the students to plan their future. The Career Guidance Cell, as per the guidelines of the UGC, provides information on job queries and placements in different institutions and concerns related to the courses that the College offers. Some of the activities are:

      1. The Career Guidance Cell organizes workshops for informing students about emerging trends and events. It also aims promotion of discipline, healthy outlook and positive attitude towards national integration and removal of narrow provincial preferences and prejudices among students. Above all, the main function of the cell is to invite reputed companies to the campus to conduct campus interviews and find suitable jobs for the skills available among the students.
      2. The cell also facilitates the economically weaker sections of the students of first and second year undergraduate courses to find suitable part time jobs to supplement the family income without affecting the academic pursuit.
      3. The Career Guidance and Placement Cell of Thunchan Memorial Govt. College conducted a one day Training Programme on 01.07.2012 for students appearing for PSC examinations. The one day seminar threw light on mode of preparation, answering strategies and discussion on previous year paper. The participants were highly motivated and well informed about the examination coping skills
      4. Coaching classes for Competitive examinations were conducted from 06.09.2012 to 29.09.2012 for students belonging to BC / SC / ST communities.
      5. Aspiring Minds Assessment Pvt. Ltd. Conducted a Free employ-ability test for the final year Undergraduate and Postgraduate students of our college on 29 .09.2012, where the students are tested in English, personality traits and their respective domain subjects.
      6. Final year undergraduate students of our college participated in the job fest conducted by ‘India Can’ on 08.12.2012 at the Rose Lounge Malappuram, for training in personality development, career guidance and interview skills.
      7. Coaching classes for competitive examinations on Quantitative Aptitude were conducted by Prof. Aboothahir Afzal for final year students.
      8. On Thursday, the 10th January 2013, Mr.Farook Sensei ,International Trainer at Qatar Airways and Guinness record holder, Conducted one day training program on personality Development.
      9. Coaching classes for competitive examinations were conducted by Mr.Asker’
      10. Coaching classes for competitive examinations on Quantitative Aptitude were conducted by Ms. Swathi, ‘Career Launcher’ on 13.02.2013 for students belonging to BC / SC / ST Communities.
      11. Universal Education and Training Academy gave a presentation on Job opportunities & Training for the final year undergraduate and Post graduate students of our college on Saturday, the 2nd March 2013.
      12. Apart from the campus recruitment programme in our college, the students were also encouraged to participate in on-line registration for firms and to attend the job fairs and off-campus programmes conducted at various institutions in the city. Students’ database has been issued to more than 50 companies on request and the placement details are awaited from these companies.
      13. Thanks to the encouragement given by the magnanimous Management, Principal, Heads of Departments and the co-operation rendered by the enthusiastic colleagues both Teaching and Non-Teaching of our college, the Career Guidance Cell was able to organize events during the academic year.
Guidance and Placement Officer:

Prof.Aboothahir Afzal, Assistant Professor, Department of Physics

Continuing Education Cell

  • Report 2013-14

    The Directorate of Continuing Education, Govt. of Kerala gave permission to start a continuing Education Sub centre in our college on February 2013, with registration number CE/A/370/2013 as per order no CE/C/3666/2013 of the Director of the Centre for Continuing Education Kerala Thiruvananthapuram, for the application sent by the college on 19-2-2013 by the then Principal Prof. Krishnaprabha. Mr. Aboothahir Afzal, Assistant Professor in Physics, was appointed as the Program manager of the continuing Education Sub centre as per order B2-1130/2013 dated 17/2/2014. The college got the approval to start DCA (Diploma in computer applications) course on 01/01/2014 vide order CE/C/3663/2013 of the director, Centre for Continuing Education.

    Report 2014-15

    Mrs. Shahina C.P, and Mrs. Rasika.P , are selected as teachers of DCA course as per the interview held on August 2014. The Sub centre started the D C A course on the 20/09/2014.this course duration is 6 Months .Seventy six students got admitted in the first batch of this course of which 28 S C students , 5 BPL students and 43 general students. The fee for the course is Rs 6000. Thirty percent of the fee collected is the share for the college to provide the class and laboratory facilities. The classes were conducted in the holidays and in mornings before college hours. This course conducted on the exam is 28/02/15& 1/03/2015 in theory exam and 8/03/15 &9/03/15practical exam . 71 students attend this exam .All students have passed in this exam. The inauguration function of the office room was done by the principal Mrs. Saramma .C.Samuel. on 15 April 2014. The second batch of DCA started on April 10 ,2015. 120 SC students and 10 general students joined for the course. The fee of SC students was paid by the SC department directly to continuing Education sub centre.

    Report 2015-16

    The college made into an agreement with Kerala state Industrial Development Corporation and with KELTRON to conduct Professional diploma in Civil Engineering, Professional diploma in Computerised instrumentation, Professional diploma in Hardware and networking and Diploma in logistics and retail management on 27/6/14.The admission to these courses were completed on July 2015.The number of students joined in Professional diploma in Civil Engineering is 30. The number of students joined in Professional diploma in Hardware and networking is 35. The number of students joined in Professional diploma in Logistics and Retail Management is 13. The number of students joined in Professional diploma in computerized instrumentation is 2. Out of these ten students are from Scheduled Caste. The college gets share of 15% of the fee for providing class rooms and 15% for providing laboratory. The centre has contributed Twenty five thousand rupees to Women's cell of this college to establish and to run sewing classes to women in locality. Also the centre has donated Nine thousand rupees to run remedial coaching classes. The centre has established an office room in the campus at a cost of approximately forty thousand rupees.